Dr Alan Holland - Medical Consultant (dental)

MSc. BChD. LDS. RCS (Eng)

Dr Alan Holland has been practising dentistry for more than 25 years and has been a registered Endodontic Specialist since 1999, undertaking pioneering techniques from his award-winning private practice, the Bristol Endodontic Clinic. It was here that he became the first specialist in the UK to use an operating microscope. He lectures on Endodontics nationally and internationally, giving hands-on workshops in the South West.

He has held a life-long interest in nutrition, and for many years has been concerned that increasing numbers of patients referred to him lack the immune capacity to fight infections. He has had to prescribe more & more antibiotics - a situation about which he feels very uncomfortable.

Alan knows the benefits of good nutrition, and is concerned about the long-term impact of our modern-day diet on health. He began thinking along the lines of ‘you are what you eat’, and soon began to appreciate the research that showed that there was a direct relationship between the nutritional status of a person and their predisposition towards infection and chronic degenerative disease. The more nutritionally depleted the person, the more compromised the immune function and the greater the risk of disease.

Anxious to address the cause of problems in his patients, he looked for a nutritional solution, and for seven years now he has been working with medical doctors and nutritional specialists to develop a programme that will replace the missing nutrients, thereby optimising each individual’s general health and improving their immune function. The evidence-based programme proved very successful, reducing the need for antibiotics and painkillers, improving the immune system and thereby giving patients better all-round health.

Delighted with the results of the programme, Alan became actively involved with professionals at Cytoplan in the development of the Dentavital range, aimed exclusively at dentists and their clients. Over the last ten years he has combined his endodontic treatments with Dentavital nutritional support, and has enjoyed outstanding results.

Dr Alan Holland
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