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Dr Geoffrey Douglas - Medical Consultant


Geoff Douglas is a physician and occupational health specialist. He was born in London, grew up in Zambia, schooled in Zimbabwe and read medicine at Oxford. He worked for 35 years in Swaziland, where he founded and managed a health care organisation that grew to fourteen clinics, fifty staff and over forty thousand patients. When HIV came in 1986 Geoff was at the heart of launching the national Man Talk campaign, promoting the social marketing of condoms and training peer educators.

Geoff started St John Ambulance in Swaziland and, in 2000, he was appointed a Knight of Grace of the Order of St John. As a holistic practitioner, Geoff has developed his interest and awareness of the significant role nutrition can and should play in health. He is the CEO of Health Empowerment Through Nutrition, and now saves lives with his wife, Penny, on the farm – Saint Laurent – in France, where they practise permaculture. Geoff has written a fascinating memoir – Life is a Fatal Illness.