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Jeremy Hawkey - CEO

Jeremy has been CEO at Cytoplan, the leading and unique provider of Food State™ and Wholefood health supplements in the UK, since 2013. He brings with him 15 years of experience in business and IT systems with PwC, IBM and as an independent consultant.

Jeremy’s interest in health and nutrition started from a young age. He was brought up with family traditions and the eastern philosophy that food is a core element of health and healing.

Since joining Cytoplan, Jeremy’s primary focus has been to drive forward the marketing to spread the key messages of charitable ownership and the unique product range, with a long-term goal to enable Cytoplan to become a leading authority in the health and supplement industry in the UK.

Jeremy’s role as CEO is to aspire to the objectives of the charitable ownership of “improving the health of the nation”, and the collaboration on the Bredesen Protocol (with MPI Cognition) provides the perfect platform for realising this ambition.