Dr Rosy Daniel - Consultant


Dr Daniel was a trainee, then doctor and then Medical Director of Bristol Cancer Help Centre (1985 to 1999), and then worked from 1999 to 2005 at the Harley Street Oncology Centre alongside Professor Karol Sikora. She has now become a world authority on the holistic approach to cancer care and addresses conferences and seminars nationally and internationally, as well as being a frequent broadcaster. She is author of 5 books and the interactive Health Creation Programme.

The Health Creation Mentors provide the crucial long term support to make the healthy lifestyle changes that she recommends to her patients. She is also very concerned for the well-being of those caring for the ill and her mentors also support carers to protect their own health and well-being.

Rosy has spent 30 years helping people challenged with chronic or life threatening illness to evaluate the potential benefits and support available from complementary, nutritional, psychological and self-help approaches alongside mainstream medicine.

Rosy also provides training and ongoing professional development for her Health Creation mentors and consultants. The mentors coach those who are ill, their carers and those wishing to prevent illness. The consultants take Health Creation into organisations who seek to engender a positive holistic health culture at the centre of all of their activities through our Health Creation at Work service. This corporate change process leads to the winning of the ‘Health Creation Award for Health at Work’ which she hopes will become an industry standard as the value and importance of proactive healthcare becomes recognised.

Rosy has also developed a health coaching process known as ‘Health Creation Proactive’ for those who wish to prevent illness, live life to the full whilst generating high energy health and whole-hearted living. In this way she hopes to reach individuals who wish to be supported to make healthy changes in their lifestyles, over time making a real difference to the incidence of lifestyle related illnesses which are ruining lives and draining our health services.


Dr Rosy Daniel
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