Amanda Williams - Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Williams

Chief Executive Officer

PG Dip Nutritional Therapy. AFMCP,

Amanda Williams, CEO of Cytoplan, has 40 years of experience within the field of Nutrition, having worked in health/nutrition-related fields for most of her working life.

Born into a medical family, Amanda’s desire to understand nutrition began as a child, when her parents, both Doctors, died at an early age of cancers. “I will never forget the overwhelming fear that prevailed for both of them, who as Doctors could do nothing to change their own health destiny,” says Amanda.
Amanda’s parents turned to nutrition before they died, and although too late to save them, she was empowered by their new way of thinking, which was that there may have been something that could have changed the course of their diseases, if only they’d known earlier on. From that moment, Amanda was driven by her desire to understand the cause and effect relationship in disease, influenced by the view that this was the only way one could prevent the fear that arises from the belief that disease is omnipotent and beneficially change outcomes.
As a child, Amanda’s great love of animals combined with her interest in health naturally led to a career in veterinary nursing and later animal nutrition. Since then, her motivations to understand the mechanistics and drivers of chronic diseases led her to study homeopathy, naturopathy and human nutrition. “During my homoeopathic training I observed and heard many others say that very often the ‘correctly prescribed’ homoeopathic remedy, although expected to be curative, was palliative in effect. This sent me thinking along the lines of ‘obstacles to cure’.
It was during this time that Amanda became aware of the importance of nutrition in health and was alerted to the widespread nutrient depletion in the soils of the world along with its disease implications for the population as a whole. Having made this discovery, Amanda’s desire to know more about nutritional therapy grew and she began working for Cytoplan. Amanda has now been with the company for over twenty years. Her extensive work and research into human nutrition has led her to a strong belief that a lack of essential nutrients is one of the most common prevailing and maintaining causes of acute-recurrent and chronic (degenerative) disease, and one of the most preventable. Her more recent studies in the field of Nutrigenomics have further cemented this belief that “nutrition is the rock on which health stands or falls.”
“Our individuality in health and disease is determined by two fundamental and intertwined influences: Our environment (which includes diet and lifestyle,) and our genes, and the interaction of one upon the other. The greatest hurdle that we face today is that there is a huge mismatch between the diet and lifestyle our genes need for health and the world in which we live.”
For years, Amanda and her team have effectively stayed true to a logical principle, but one which has often gone against the tide of popular thinking – that nutrients are best delivered to the body in the same form as they occur in food. The only proviso here is where genetic polymorphisms impair ability to convert food nutrients to active forms or to methylate nutrients, and then reduced or methylated forms are better.

Emerging scientific evidence is now supporting their long-held beliefs, which is an extremely rewarding advancement for Cytoplan.

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