Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our ethos

Cytoplan is British owned, independent, and owned by a charitable foundation. Our mission has always been to impart knowledge to individuals in order that they are empowered to make choices in the field of nutrition.

Our overall aim is to help with optimising the health of the nation, and this is the goal of the charitable foundation that owns our shares.

One of the main outcomes from the loss of biodiversity on the planet, through intensive farming etc, has been the loss to people of many mineral nutrients. In supplying “Food State” products, we believe we help redress this nutrition imbalance in people in the best way possible.

Our environmental policy

Realistically, whether as an individual or as a company, we all make an environmental impact. However, it is our choice whether we make the effort to address the issue, and if so, with what dedication. Here at Cytoplan we are environmentally conscious, and have an ongoing commitment to changes as and when they become available. We are all stewards of the planet and hold it in trust for future generations.

Recycling and packaging

We are keenly aware of the importance of recycling. We pack our products in either cardboard or paper envelopes. Minimal packaging is employed. All cardboard is made from recycled materials. Our packaging material is made from potato starch. This is suitable for domestic or municipal compost, and it dissolves in water. We actively recycle our waste paper and other materials. In our canteen we even recycle the plastic packaging materials from employee’s food and drinks containers.

Office policies

We have considerably reduced the volume of paper used thanks to communicating via email.We welcome orders sent via our websites. All waste is kept to a minimum and the maximum possible is recycled locally. All lights, electrical appliances, computers, are switched off when not in use. All our printed material is on paper from sustainable forests, and the inks used in all our mailshots are 70% sourced from soya beans.The fax and printer toner cartridges are recycled through Brother and Hewlett Packard’s Planet Partners scheme. There is a recycling bin in every office. All old office furniture and machinery is either donated to a local charity or offered on the freecycle website. The paper toiletries we use are offset by a tree replanting programme and our cleaning materials are environmentally friendly.

Sustainable development

All our raw materials are sourced with sensitivity to local circumstances. We seek to ensure that sensitivity is employed in all aspects of the manufacture and transportation of our products.

Charitable donations

As part of our ethos we are active in this area. A number of our projects include: a variety of activities in northeast India, amongst orphanages and local communities, including selfempowerment opportunities, and healthcare for the poor. In Africa we are involved in feeding programmes and research concerning HIV and nutrition. Closer to home we are helping with the renovation of our local village pond to encourage wildlife.

Fair Trade

Food supplements do not qualify for the ‘Fair Trade’ logo: however, we actively support this principle.We make available fair-trade products including tea and coffee for our personnel.

Our products

Our unique Food State nutrients, where vitamins and minerals are grown into food concentrates in a process that replicates Nature, is also environmentally friendly. The same is true of the Wholefood and Biofood ranges. In fact, all our products meet this criterion.

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