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Approach to nutrition

The Nutrition Gap

For many years now at Cytoplan we have presented the rationale that there is a nutrition gap in the diets of most people by virtue of several factors. The nutrition gap describes the difference between the levels of nutrients the average person, eating a reasonable Western diet, is obtaining from food, and those nutrient levels identified by research as being needed for optimal health in the population.

Nutrient shortfalls are caused by a number of different factors, including dietary intake, and this means that most people are not getting the level of essential nutrients needed for health and protection on a daily basis. This deficit impacts adversely on both immediate and long-term health. The nutritional status of our bodies is dependent on six factors:

  • Our food choices

  • Food growing, processing and preparation methods

  • The nutrient content of the food we eat

  • The ability of our bodies to assimilate these nutrients

  • Lifestyle factors, such as smoking, stress, alcohol intake, medications etc. - which give rise to extra nutrients

  • Our level of activity (energy-expenditure)

If you are eating a typical Western diet, all of the above are relevant to the nutrition gap in your life. However, even if you are adhering to what we would consider as an optimal human dietary regime such as the 'Paleolithic Diet', there are still two factors that can create nutrient shortfalls. These are a) the level of nutrients in the fresh foods you are eating and b) your level of activity.

Food choices

Recent findings from population research carried out by the Government's nutritional advisory board, Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) and the World Food Programme identified:

  • There are nutrient deficiencies in every group of the population

  • Most depleted are those who need it most - the elderly, pregnant ladies and children

  • Often sufferers are unaware, as there are no visible warning signs

  • The consequences are disastrous - mental impairment, poor health and productivity, susceptibility to a whole host of chronic degenerative diseases, and even death

  • 1 in 3 people in the UK are affected

To reitierate, most certainly one of the biggest factors in the nutrition gap is the food choices most of us make, and the shift of foods consumed now when compared to 80 years ago (and beyond). In those days our diets were primarily vegetable-based, whereas now they are mainly meat-based. The plant-based diet was high in antioxidants and nourishment, whilst the meat-based diet is high in cholesterol, saturated fat and low in the nutrients we need for health. This is how the dramatic dietary changes reflect on our intake of nutrients.

A well-formulated supplement

So what can we do to minimise or eradicate the 'Nutrition Gap'? The best advice has to be to adhere to a diet that best fits our physiology, combined with a safe exercise programme, and on top of that we would advise taking a well-formulated supplement to make up for any nutritional shortfalls. So what is a well-formulated supplement?

A well-formulated supplement is one that provides all the nutrients a person needs to make up for the shortfalls, at the correct levels, and importantly in a bio-effective form.

All Cytoplan multi formulations are designed with this in mind. The formulations contain all those nutrients identified by research as being in short supply in an average diet, at the levels of need. This means providing nutrient levels sufficient to elevate the average individual's intake to optimum levels in terms of health-promoting effects. 

When we state 'bio-effective form', we mean providing nutrients in our supplements that are in the same form as those nutrients occur in food. Our 'Food State' and Wholefood' vitamins and minerals meet this prerequisite. Nutrients in these forms follow 'food metabolic pathways' and will be optimally utilised by the body. Such nutrients differ from the 'isolate' chemical vitamins and minerals that are provided in the vast majority of supplements sold.

To learn more about our 'Food State' and 'Wholefood' products - please click here

Our commitment to quality

All of our products are manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities.

Our commitment to quality for raw materials

Here at Cytoplan we approve our suppliers and will audit them to ensure they continue to meet our requirements. When we audit suppliers we make detailed checks regarding their procedures, which include the following areas:

  • Incoming goods

  • Outgoing goods

  • Quality management systems

  • Food safety

  • HACCP systems

  • Sanitation

  • Equipment

  • Training

  • Production

  • Quality control

  • Due diligence

All products we sell have to go through an approval process to ensure any products we supply meet any necessary legislation. Below are some areas which we cover:

  • Product origin

  • Product composition

  • Irradiation status

  • Allergen status

  • GMO status

  • Solvents used in manufacturing

  • Heavy metal levels (lead, cadmium, mercury & arsenic)

  • BSE/TSE status

  • Suitability for vegetarians & vegans

  • Kosher/halal certification

  • Relevant EU regulations pertaining to residual solvents, dioxins, pesticides, BaP

We also hold specifications for all of our products, which enables us to be consistent with the information we supply on our products.


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