What is Food State?

 food state and wholefood

Food State nutrients are combined in a variety of appropriate food bases to ensure they come complete with the phytonutrients and associated food factors for optimal absorption and use in the body. This includes carrot concentrate for beta carotene, citrus pulp for vitamin C, and lactobacillus bulgaricus for B vitamins, as each base would naturally contain levels of the same nutrient. 
Food state nutrients are classified as RAW FOOD - the growth and manufacturing process used in their creation never goes above 46oc which permits the RAW FOOD status for these special nutrients.
All of these products are gentle and effective. All are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The probiotic strain used - Lactobacillus bulgaricus originated from yoghurt many decades ago. Since that time it has been cultured in a molasses medium and there are no milk proteins or anything relating to yoghurt to be found in the finished product. For this reason it is now wholly safe for vegans and sufferers of dairy allergy to take. 
Some of our food state products list Folic Acid. This is because labelling laws insist we use folic acid or methylfolate as the product descriptor. Food state folic acid is not the same as traditional folic acid which is an isolated monoglutamate. Food state folate (listed as folic acid) is from vegetables and is a polyglutamate. It does not have another chemical name because it is not a chemical. But equally it is not methylfolate, which does not occur in plants. Methylation only takes place in the human body or in a laboratory process - hence methylfolate, although the most bio-effective form of folate, cannot be natural or from food sources. Some of our food state products contain food folate and some methylfolate.

Wholefood Nutrients

Wholefood products are unique in that they are made from hydroponically grown brassica, part of the broccoli family of vegetables. This plant is an edible species which has a great capacity to bio-accumulate high levels of minerals to enable good levels to be achieved in small doses of supplementation. Both Food State™ and Wholefood nutrients are used by the body in the same way as food nutrients. 

For the past 26 years we have promoted the philosophy that nutrients are best delivered to the body in the same form as those in food, i.e. in a Food State™ or food complex. From lone pioneers some 35 years ago, we now sit in a more comfortable position of endorsing established science. Many recent research papers have attested to the safety and effectiveness of nutrients in whole foods, and at the same time highlighted the fact that isolated nutrients very often do not have the same beneficial effect. 

Some 40 years ago, one of our Directors was fortunate to meet with the Directors of a company in America who were the pioneers of a unique range of Food State™ vitamin and mineral supplements. Food State™ products are “nutrients which are naturally and beneficially combined with appropriate natural food source materials” and were the first supplements to be sold “complete” with associated food factors and nutrients carriers “essential for absorption and use within the body”. Since that date, we have been selling these products to doctors, scientists and retail customers around the world.

Our business has grown by word of mouth, as we rarely advertise, and we have a strong and loyal following. At one time, Food State™ was described as being the “best kept secret in the health food industry”. Once people have tried Food State™ products and “experienced the difference”, they usually recommend us to their friends and stay with us for life. We have also developed the previously described range of Wholefood nutrients which are derived from hydroponically grown, edible plants.

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