Herbal & botanical tinctures

Our range of herbal and botanical tinctures contains only the finest quality ingredients, making it easy to obtain the pure, natural health-promoting chemicals found in a range of plants.

Our tinctures are whole plant extracts expertly formulated in collaboration with a trusted herbalist. By preserving the naturally-occuring plant actives they each provide a high concentration of the plant's beneficial phytonutrients.

Buy from Cytoplan to enjoy all of the extensive benefits of plant botanicals in an easy to take form that is easily absorbed by the body.

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Why use herbal tinctures?

Plant tinctures have long been used as herbal remedies and are a highly effective way to deliver the beneficial chemicals found in plants to the body. Our botanical tinctures are from whole plant extracts, providing the benefits of the broadest spectrum of chemical constituents. All the extensive benefits of the plants are captured in the tinctures, which preserves the naturally-occurring actives, making them rich in bioactive compounds. 

About our botanical tinctures range

The range contains only the very best ingredients and can be used to support a number of health and wellbeing goals. For example, our Organic Elderberry and Vitamin C blend is a great immune support tincture for kids and our Organic Echinacea is said to have many uses, its most notable being in supporting the immune system. 

Further to our range is our Gingko Biloba tincture, which is said to be supportive in various aspects of health including cognition, memory and concentration. Our Organic Hawthorn Berry tincture has been used traditionally for heart and circulatory health for many years and our Organic Horse Chestnut (aesculus) tincture is indicated in supporting vascular health.

Are your tinctures organic?

The majority of the products in this range are certified by the Soil Association, which is the UKs leading organic certifier.

Did you know?

Organic supplements are likely to contain far more protective phytonutrients than standard grown and these plant protective compounds are also protective to humans who ingest the plants. 

The phytonutrients produced in plants are protective compounds that protect it from external threats such as UV radiation, pests, noxious substances and chemicals. In normal growing practices, plants are often sprayed with herbicides and pesticides and this means they do not have to produce their own protection and are therefore lower in these protective compounds. 

Our promise: always clean, always pure herbal tinctures

Our botanical tinctures are GMO-free, non-irradiated and are free from added sweeteners, preservatives and colourings. They are bottled in the UK to the highest standards and come packaged in a recyclable brown glass bottle with dropper for easy dispensing.

What are herbal tinctures?

Tinctures are concentrated liquid herbal extracts. The plant part that is used can vary from plant to plant (e.g. some will be bark, some root, some seed, some leaf, some fruit or just flower). Some tinctures use a combination of plant parts. Our Echinacea is a whole root extract, our Horse Chestnut is a whole seed extract, and our Gingko biloba is a whole leaf extract, for example.

Tinctures are made by soaking the relevant plant part in alcohol, which extracts the active nutrients to form a concentrated liquid. This makes them readily available for your body to absorb. In the process of making a tincture, a specific weight of the whole plant part is added to the menstruum (liquid part of the tincture), and that is then macerated (left to infuse) for a specific amount of time. The mixture is then strained and pressed, and what's left is the plant part, which is discarded, and the liquid, which is the tincture. Tinctures are made at specific ratios of water, alcohol and plant material depending on the plant used.

What are the benefits of tinctures?

Tinctures are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and are a highly effective way to deliver the beneficial chemicals (phytonutrients) found in plants to the body. They also provide a high concentration of phytonutrients and can be targeted at a range of areas of health. As our botanical tinctures are from whole plant extracts, they provide the benefits of the broadest spectrum of chemical constituents. The method involved in making a tincture naturally preserves the beneficial actives. Tinctures can be an easy alternative for those who do not like taking tablets or capsules.

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