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We believe that dogs need the same quality of food and supplements as we do. This is why our range of dog supplements, CytoPet®, have been crafted with the same quality of ingredients as our human ones. We use the highest level of human food-grade raw materials in all our natural dog vitamins and supplements.*

Discover our range of clean, safe and effective supplements for dogs today and support your furry friend's health with optimum nutrition.

*Our Plaque Away product is suitable for both cats and dogs.

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About Cytopet® supplements for dogs

The CytoPet® range of health supplements for dogs has been carefully formulated by our nutrtion experts with the same attention to detail and superior quality of ingredients as our human products.

All of our dog supplements and vitamins use dog-appropriate natural nutrient forms specifically targeted at different areas of health. All are gentle, effective and safe for all dogs. 

Our approach to dog nutrition: why we created a range of natural pet supplements

The impetus for the range came from many requests from longstanding customers who wanted their pets to have the same supplemental benefits as they themselves have from Cytoplan products. 

The range is comprehensive and designed to fit alongside a good diet to further support common pet health problems. Dogs, like humans are omnivores and, as they share the same environment and lifestyle, they are similarly exposed to the same nutrition gap as their owners.

Although dogs have adapted to eat cooked and dry food, the length and function of a dog's digestive system indicates they were born to eat raw meat and absorb nutrients primarily from body parts of their prey, with a small additional component of their diet coming from plant matter including grasses, seeds and fruits. 

Taking this into consideration, it is immediately apparent that the diet of most dogs today is a far cry from the archetypal diets of dogs. Because of this mismatch, many of the chronic diseases seen today in domestic dogs have emerged. The CytoPet® canine supplement range has been designed with this in mind; to help address dietary shortfalls and provide support for common conditions seen in domestic dogs. 

Does the range include a dog probiotic?

The Cytopet® range comprises a multivitamin and mineral formula which provides all the key nutrients needed by dogs for health and is designed to bridge the doggie nutrition gap. All of the nutrients are in the most bioeffective forms and are gentle and effective even in small, sensitive and fussy dogs. 

You can also find a good all round dog probiotic, joint supplements for dogs to help the pain and poor mobility often experienced by older dogs, and collagen for dogs which helps repair worn and damaged joints sustainably. There is also a natural herbal product designed to help calm anxious and stressed dogs and omega 3 from fish oil, which helps with skin, coat and joint health. 

Bioeffective supplements for optimum health

As with our human products, all of our CytoPet® dog supplements use the most bioeffective forms of nutrients and are designed for optimal health. We never compromise on quality -  dogs deserve the same quality as their owners!  

Do you sell vegan dog supplements?

Some of our dog vitamins and supplements are vegan but if vegan dog supplements are important to you, these are available for every area you might want in our wider Cytoplan nutritional supplement range. 

Still unsure what supplements to choose? Our team of expert nutritional therapists can help answer any queries you have. Why not email

My dog is already on a complete pet food can I add in a dog food supplement from the CytoPet range without her overdosing?

Yes, you can. Our multivitamin for dogs formula is designed to fit with complete pet foods and elevate levels of protective nutrients to optimum - but not so high as to be too high in those already having the complement of vitamins and minerals in pet foods. The other products can be used as needed for specific conditions and all of these fit well with complete pet foods too.

My dog is on anti-inflammatory medication from the Vet for arthritis - can I also give him your dog supplement for joints?

Yes, you can give your dog our Doggie Joint Collagen and the two will work well together. The medication he is on will help reduce the inflammation that is causing him pain at this time and the collagen will help repair the joint capsule lining (called cartilage) and over time this will help naturally improve mobility and reduce the pain sustainably. Please do take the literature on this to your Vet and I am sure he will approve of you using it alongside the medication.

My dog seems to have a very sensitive digestion and often gets diarrhoea. Your dog probiotic seems to help, can I use it ongoing?

Yes, you can use our Doggidophilus ongoing if you find it helps. The question is why your dog  has ongoing digestive issues. It might be a good idea to look at the food you are feeding too and try to keep the diet as natural as possible with a mixture of meat or fish and vegetables (greens, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes - not onions or normal potatoes). Older dogs often do not do as well on dry foods as younger dogs as they are less able to produce the quantity of digestive enzymes needed.
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