For many years now at Cytoplan we have presented the rationale that there is a nutrition gap in most people’s diets. The nutrition gap describes the difference between the levels of nutrients the average person, eating a reasonable Western diet, is obtaining from food, and the levels of nutrients identified by research as being needed for optimal health. Nutrient shortfalls can impact adversely on both immediate and long-term health.

The nutritional status of our bodies is dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • Food choices
  • Food growing, processing and preparation methods
  • The nutrient content of the food we eat – this has decreased significantly over the last 80 years with the development of intensive farming
  • The ability of our bodies to assimilate these nutrients
  • Lifestyle factors, such as smoking, stress, alcohol intake and medications which increase the need for certain nutrients
  • Our level of activity (energy expenditure)

Therefore, we recommend an all-round multivitamin and mineral formula is taken daily, as a foundation, to bridge the nutrition gap.

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Why multivitamins are needed in our diets

The nutrition gap describes the difference between the levels of nutrients the average person, eating a reasonable Western diet, is obtaining from food, and the levels of nutrients identified by research as being needed for optimal health. The first call on nutrients by our body is for immediate needs; for energy, but it is essential to exceed the level needed for immediate needs to have excess that can be stored for future protection and times of extra needs. Taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement is one low-cost way to ensure the intake of sufficient levels of nutrients throughout life. 

Nutrient shortfalls can be caused by several different factors, including:  

  • Our food choices 
  • The nutrient content of the food we eat 
  • The ability of our bodies to absorb assimilate these nutrients 
  • Lifestyle factors, such as smoking, stress, alcohol intake, medications etc. which give rise to increased nutrient needs
  • Our level of activity
  • Our genetics 

This means that many people are not getting the level of essential nutrients needed for health and protection daily and therefore could benefit from taking a multivitamin. 

About our multivitamins

Here at Cytoplan, we believe that a well formulated multivitamin provides the nutrients a person needs to make up for shortfalls, at the correct levels and in a well-absorbed bio-effective form. All our multivitamin supplements are formulated with this in mind. They contain excellent levels of all the nutrients identified by research as being in short supply in the average diet, in order to promote optimal health. 

When we state 'bio-effective form', we mean multivitamins that provide nutrients that are in the same form as those nutrients occur in food, wherever possible, and sometimes even better in a pre-metabolised form but always with excellent bioavailability and efficacy. The best products are those that fit into normal food metabolic pathways and thus are constructively helpful to the everyday healthy working, function, repair and regeneration of tissue and organs. 

Why wholefood and food state supplements are recommended by our nutritionists

Food State and other Wholefood nutrients are the most bio-effective food supplements, where the nutrients are complete with the associated food factors and other phyto-nutrients with which they occur in whole foods. This total food complex ensures these products are recognisable as food by the human body and optimally utilised. Many of the nutrients in our multivitamins are in Food State and Wholefood form.  

Where it isn't possible to use wholefood or food state nutrients, our multivitamins contain nutrients in other similarly bioeffective forms. With the rise in genetic testing and awareness of nutrigenomics, there are times when reduced or methylated forms of nutrients are the most bio-effective in individuals - and usually these forms are more bio-effective in everyone, so where these forms exist, we will include them in our multivitamin supplements. 

Why we are now providing biodynamic multivitamins

Some of our multivitamins also contain a biodynamic and superfood blend. Biodynamic farming goes beyond organic. It works in harmony with nature and yields high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. Biodynamic growing is only done in small scale in the UK at this time and we are privileged to have found a supply of ingredients that can be used in our multivitamin supplements.  

Multivitamins that have levels of nutrients that are above the Nutrient Reference Intake (NRV) but lower than the upper safe limit are recommended. NRVs were never intended as any more than a 'safety net' with the specific purpose of preventing disease. The typical dose sufficient to prevent overt deficiency-states is typically short of the amount needed for optimum health. It also does not consider the needs of individuals. With this in mind, you will find that many of the nutrients in our multivitamin supplements exceed the NRV. 

We have multivitamins suitable for all family members. Our multivitamins for kids are suitable from the age of three and include chewable gummies and small, easy to swallow tablets. We have multivitamins designed specifically for women, multivitamins for men, multivitamins to support the over 50s and multivitamins to support immunity. All of our multivitamin supplements are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

What is a multivitamin?

A multivitamin is a supplement that contains a spectrum of different vitamins and minerals, each of which will help to support optimal health. Cytoplan multivitamins also contain other beneficial ingredients, such as beta 1-3,1-6 glucans for immune support, the antioxidant CoQ10 or a biodynamic and superfood fruit, vegetable and herb blend, which is especially rich in protective phytonutrients and bio-active compounds. 

Benefits of multivitamins

There are 13 vitamins and around 15 minerals that are essential to maintaining optimal health, and a multivitamin provides them in a convenient and low-cost way. Many of these nutrients will produce enzymes and hormones, support natural immunity and keep your nerves and organs functioning optimally. Your body also needs these vitamins and minerals for reproduction, growth and the maintenance of all bodily processes. A multivitamin shouldn't be a substitute for a healthy diet, but it can offer peace of mind that you are giving your body the optimal nourishment to keep healthy.

Should I take a multivitamin?

Here at Cytoplan, we believe there is a "nutrition gap" in most people's diets. Proven by key figures within medicine and nutritional science, the "nutrition gap" refers to the difference between the levels of nutrients the average person, eating a reasonable Western diet, is obtaining from food, and the levels of nutrients needed for optimal health. Taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement is a low-cost and convenient way to ensure you are getting sufficient nutrients to maintain optimal health, and we believe most people could benefit from taking a multivitamin. There are certain groups of people who are more likely to be at risk of nutrient deficiencies or have a higher need for nutrients, such as the elderly, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, those taking certain medications and those with conditions that affect absorption such as coeliac's disease.

How often should you take a multivitamin?

Multivitamins can help to top up a healthy diet, so we recommend they are taken once or twice daily, as per the instructions on the pot. They are best taken with food, for optimal absorption.

Which multivitamin is best - tablet, capsule or powder?

Cytoplan offers a range of multivitamin and mineral supplements to suit all the family. For example, we have chewable gummy bears, suitable from three years, small tablets suitable for children and capsules or tablets suitable for adults. We also have a powder multivitamin included within a premium blend of phytonutrient rich superfoods. You can rest assured that whichever form of multivitamin you choose, you will be receiving vitamins and minerals in their most bio-effective form, and at levels identified by research as being needed to promote optimal health.
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