Nutrition Advice

Nutrition advice

Here at Cytoplan we provide expert and tailored advice to every individual who needs it. Your health and wellbeing is most important to us and our dedicated team of Nutritional Therapists are here to offer support over the phone or via email. They can help with tailored supplement recommendations at the time of your call, but if no one is available to speak to you, one of the nutrition team will call you back as soon as possible. Each query is answered in absolute confidence and the advice offered is completely FREE.

Please note that due to legislative and insurance restrictions we are rarely able to help with recommendations for disease conditions over the phone, but there is a health questionnaire service available on our website, which permits us to offer nutritional support in most instances. This service is also completely FREE of charge.

How we can help

On this page you will find the different levels of nutritional advice we offer our customers. Please scroll down the page to see which is most relevant to your needs.

For practitioner

1)      Technical booklets

We provide a range of free, technical information booklets. Please follow this link to our Technical Information page where you will find a range of downloadable leaflets spanning a variety health concerns and nutritional topics.

2)      Cytoplan health and nutrition blog

We regularly publish articles on our critically appraised blog. Articles are either written by our team of in-house Nutritional Therapists or expert guest authors, covering a wide range of health and nutrition topics. You can sign up to our newsletter & blog alert to receive weekly updates.

3)      Free product training

To understand more detail around our philosophy, products and formulas, or how our products work together, please watch our training webinar here.

4)      Products in practice

Join us on the first Wednesday of every month for a live and interactive session with our nutritional therapist, Helen Drake, to discuss all things nutrition, supplements and wellbeing.

Our live and interactive sessions follow a different theme each month. Details on upcoming sessions can be found here: Products in practice

5)      Specific nutrition advice

If you have a specific nutrition question or want clarity on a particular issue, you can email our in-house Nutritional Therapist ( and they will get back to you within 3 working days. Please provide as much information as possible regarding your query and include your telephone number if you would prefer to be called back.

Members of the public

1) Health questionnaire

We provide a comprehensive health questionnaire to offer tailored nutritional advice. If you would like a FREE appraisal of your health and wellbeing, together with advice on lifestyle, diet and supplements, please fill in the questionnaire as accurately and detailed as possible. Once submitted, a member of our nutritional therapist team will contact you within a few working days. The questionnaire is completely confidential and our nutritional therapist will only respond directly to you. Please follow this link for more information.

2) Speak to one of our nutritional therapists

If you have a specific nutrition question regarding supplement recommendations for health and wellbeing, you can call our team and speak to one of our in-house nutritional therapists for expert and tailored advice. If you would prefer to email us, please highlight your specific query and we will aim to respond to you within 1-3 working days. Please provide as much information as possible and include your telephone number if you would prefer to be called back.

You can email our team of nutritional therapists ( or call our team on 01684 310099.

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