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The eye has a greater requirement for nutrients (in particular antioxidants) compared to any other organ in the body, and even a slight lack of these essential nutrients and/ or blood flow can cause immediate deterioration in eye function.

Cytoplan has a bespoke formula specifically tailored to support eye health. Eye-Cyt is a high-potency antioxidant formula, containing a comprehensive range of nutrients which are particularly beneficial, supportive of, and protective to eye tissue and therefore eye health. 

Other products included in our eye health category include our vegan omega 3 option, phytoshield; a powerful antioxidant formula, and our vitamin C range.

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Antioxidants can play a significant role in maintaining the health of the eye, as oxidative damage to the cells in the eye is thought to contribute to a wide range of eye diseases. Key antioxidant vitamins and minerals that can help to neutralise harmful free radicals and therefore may offer protection to eye health include vitamins A, C, E and zinc.  

Those whose diets are high in purple, yellow and orange fruits and dark green vegetables (which are high in antioxidants including carotenoids) may have a lower risk of developing some types of eye conditions, in particular those that develop with age. Our synergistic eye health supplement contains a powerful mix of carotenoids and flavonoids including lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin, grape seed extract and bilberry extract as well as zinc and vitamin E. 

Also included is L-Taurine, which is an amino acid with antioxidant properties that has been shown to be protective against the development of a range of different eye diseases. 

The long chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are also important for eye health. DHA is found in high amounts in the retina, where it helps to maintain healthy eye structure and function. Inflammation is associated with age-related decline in a number of areas of health, including eye health and omega-3 fatty acids can provide a protective effect against inflammation. Oily fish, flax and chia seeds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and Cytoplan offer a range of omega-3 supplements from both seafood and vegan microalgae sources.

What can I take to support my dry eyes?

Dry eye is a condition in which one experiences symptoms of discomfort, such as burning, itching or stinging, visual disturbance or a feeling of having sand in your eyes. Incidences of the condition increase with age and it has been linked to increased oxidative damage and inflammation.

The sea buckthorn plant has been used to treat a wide variety of diseases in many cultures around the world for centuries and the oil from its berries contains around 190 nutritionally and medicinally important components including a unique mix of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, a range of vitamins and minerals, carotenoids, powerful antioxidants, flavonoids, phospholipids, anthocyanins and amino acids.

Of particular importance is the abundance of Omega-7 fatty acids; primary components of the cells that make up the mucous membranes - found in the inside of the eye. The high antioxidant levels in sea buckthorn oil, combined with its abundance of omega-7 fatty acids, play an important role in keeping the natural structure of the eye hydrated and healthy by promoting tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation, and therefore can be very supportive in dry eye. 

Cytoplan provides 500mg of pure, organic sea buckthorn oil per small, easy to swallow capsule that is suitable for vegans.

How does lutein support eye health?

Lutein, along with zeaxanthin collectively are considered to be two of the most important nutrients for supporting eye health and are two of the carotenoids found in high concentrations within the retina and macular of the eye, where they help to protect the eye from UV damage and can help to rebuild the macular layer.

Our body cannot make these essential antioxidant nutrients, so we need to obtain them through the diet, where they are found in foods such as egg yolks, green leafy vegetables and foods with yellow or orange pigment. Cytoplan offer an eye health supplement containing a rich source of lutein alongside other powerful antioxidants to offer natural eye health support.

What diet and lifestyle changes can I make to support my eye health? 

  • Follow an organic, wholefood, unprocessed diet that is low in sugar and high in fruit and vegetables
  • Do include plenty of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables - "eat a rainbow". Those whose diets are rich in a range of different yellow and orange fruits and green leafy vegetables, which are high in plant antioxidants may be at lower risk of a range of eye diseases
  • Do include dark purple fruits such as bilberry, blueberry and blackcurrants for their rich antioxidant content
  • Do eat more oily fish. Aim for 3 portions a week, or take a vegan omega 3 supplement
  • Try to keep your weight within a healthy range
  • Avoid food additives where possible
  • Do give up smoking
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