Lack of energy is a very common complaint for many. Indeed, unexplained tiredness is one of the top reasons for GP visits, with an estimated 1 in 10 people experiencing prolonged fatigue at any one time.  Feeling “tired all the time” can undoubtedly have a huge impact upon our day-to-day lives.

Many factors can contribute to low energy levels, including stress, poor quality sleep and our increasingly busy lifestyles. Often, however, feelings of fatigue, and a lack of energy and focus can be directly traced back to our diets. There are several nutrients known to support healthy energy levels, including the B vitamins, iron, magnesium and CoQ10, and these can be found in our range of natural energy supplements. We also have gentle and effective supplements to support adrenal health and blood sugar balance, both of which can enhance energy and focus.

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  17. Thyroid Support
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  21. Iron
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Feeling tired all the time (or TATT for short) is one of the leading reasons for GP visits, with an estimated 1 in 10 people experiencing prolonged fatigue at any one time. Often there is no obvious cause, but by making some changes to both diet and lifestyle, or adding in key supplements, you can help to support your body’s natural energy production.

Vitamins and nutrients for energy and tiredness

With the exception of folate, all of the B Vitamins are involved in at least one, and often in several, of the steps of energy production by your cells – so a deficiency in any can leave you feeling tired. Cytoplan has a range of high-potency B complexes, and our multivitamin and mineral formulas provide an excellent level of the B vitamins. We also have individual B vitamins in their most bioeffective form, such as our Sublingual B12, containing the two active forms of this vitamin.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for producing energy from food. It also plays an important role in sleep, by regulating the sleep hormone melatonin. Cytoplan has a range of magnesium supplements in gentle and bioeffective forms.

Iron plays an important role in transporting oxygen through the blood to your body’s tissues, where it is used at a cellular level to make energy. Your GP can test your iron levels, but supplementing with the mineral can often be beneficial for growing teens and menstruating women.

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound found naturally in the body which helps to generate energy in the cells by producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the body’s energy currency.

CoQ10 is concentrated in the mitochondria; the cells’ powerhouse, and plays an instrumental role in generating energy, as well as having an antioxidant effect. Our bodies naturally produce CoQ10, however our ability to do so does deplete with age, through stress, chronic illness or statin medication – so many people could benefit from supplementing with CoQ10 to support healthy energy levels. Our CoQ10 Multi provides excellent levels of CoQ10 and B vitamins, so is a great first option if you are lacking energy.

Focus on blood glucose control

Glucose is the main source of energy for our body, but our typical Western diet, high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, provides a concentrated supply of glucose that your body may not need or be able to use. The hormone insulin is responsible for maintaining a healthy blood sugar balance, by acting as a messenger to allow glucose in the blood to enter the cells to be used as fuel. After a sugar or carbohydrate rich meal you may experience a sharp peak in blood sugar, a rush of insulin and a resulting drop in blood sugar which can cause you to feel tired.

Balancing your diet with plenty of protein, fibre and healthy fats, whilst reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates, avoiding grazing throughout the day and increasing moderate physical activity can all help to maintain balanced blood sugar levels and give you a steady supply of energy. Supplements such as our Blood Glucose Support, with nutrients such as chromium and cinnamon, and our Gymnema Sylvestre can help to support healthy glucose levels and therefore balanced energy levels.

Support your adrenal glands

Our adrenal glands support the production of numerous hormones involved in almost every bodily function, including the stress hormones cortisol, DHEA and adrenaline. Stress normally causes the adrenals to increase their output of cortisol and DHEA; while adrenaline is secreted to boost the energy required for short-term survival i.e. when running from a threat. However, when this state is prolonged during long term stress, the adrenals may struggle to meet the hormonal demand which could result in “adrenal fatigue” – symptoms of which often include fatigue upon waking and difficulty falling asleep, resulting in you feeling tired all the time.

Specific nutrients to support adrenal health include the B Vitamins, particularly B3, B5 and B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium and selenium. Adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha and ginseng can also be supportive. Our Adrenal Support provides a unique blend of herbs and nutrients to support adrenal function.

Consider thyroid health

The thyroid gland has an important role in energy regulation and symptoms of insufficient thyroid hormone production (hypothyroidism) are increasingly common in the UK. If hypothyroidism is suspected, you should always consult with your GP in the first instance. For subclinical cases, ensuring good levels of key nutrients such as iodine, selenium and the amino acid L-Tyrosine, as found in our Thyroid Support supplement, can help to promote healthy hormone production and support natural energy production. 

What are the best energy supplements?

A comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formula providing excellent levels of the following key nutrients is a great place to start if you are lacking energy and feeling tired.

  • The B Vitamins, including B12 are involved in many aspects of energy production and so a deficiency in any can leave you feeling tired
  • Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in energy production as well as supporting sleep
  • Iron plays an important role in transporting oxygen through the blood to your body’s tissues, where it is used at a cellular level to make energy
  • CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) plays an instrumental role in generating energy, but the body’s rate of production does decrease as we age so it can be beneficial to take it in supplement form, particularly in those over the age of 50

Our CoQ10 Multi is an all-encompassing and synergistic vitamin and mineral formula with wholefood nutrients that has excellent level of nutrients for supporting healthy energy levels.

Should I take an iron supplement to give me energy?

The body needs iron to make hemoglobin; a protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen from your lungs to the organs and tissues throughout your body. Without adequate levels of iron, your red blood cells cannot effectively carry oxygen to the body’s tissues and the results can be fatigue and feelings of weakness.

We recommend that if you are a female, and still menstruating, or a growing teen, it is a good idea to supplement with a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral with a gentle and effective iron source, such as our Women’s Wholefood Multi. For women who have experienced menopause or adult males, there is no natural method of excreting iron, so there is usually no need to supplement with iron unless a deficiency is diagnosed. For men and women who are no longer menstruating, our CoQ10 Multi only has a small dose of iron and can help to support against tiredness and fatigue.

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