Planning a pregnancy is both an exciting and important time. It is always preferable for both mother and father to assess their health before conceiving a child; which will optimise chances of conception, wellbeing in pregnancy and the health of the baby.

Unfortunately for many couples conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby can be a challenge and some may experience infertility. Often there is no decisive causative factor leading infertility or subfertility. Although this can be frustrating, it does mean that if health is optimised, the chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy can be improved.

Here at Cytoplan we are passionate about supporting parents and providing gentle, safe and bioeffective nutrients in our fertility supplements that are suitable for preconception and pregnancy. Our fertility and pre-pregnancy multivitamin formulations are all encompassing and provide the totality of nutrients in appropriate levels and forms needed for both fertility and a healthy pregnancy. We also provide other supplements to support the wellness of parents and baby including omega 3s and probiotics as well as additional appropriate prenatal vitamins if required.

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Preconception can be both exciting and stressful for potential parents, it is also an optimal time to support and nourish wellness to optimise reproductive capability. Nutrient status of both mother and father has an impact on fertility and their own health, the nutrient status of the mother also has an impact on pregnancy and the health of the baby.  

Suboptimal fertility can be an issue for many couples who are planning a pregnancy, conceiving, and giving birth to a healthy baby can be a challenge. Although it is not life threatening, infertility can be heart-breaking for those involved and have a significant detrimental effect on mental health and wellbeing. Often there is no decisive causative factor leading infertility or subfertility. Although this can be frustrating, it does mean that if health is optimised, the chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy may improve.  

In couples, who do not suspect or have not been diagnosed with infertility, it is still advisable for both the mother and father to optimise their own health before conceiving. Opting for a preconception or fertility based supplement for men or women is therefore advisable.  

At Cytoplan we are passionate about supporting parents-to-be and provide safe, gentle and bioeffective food-based formulations to support all aspects of fertility, preconception, pregnancy, birth, postnatal recovery and breastfeeding.  

As a foundation we recommend a high-quality fertility multivitamin and mineral, to support optimum wellness and ensure the nutrition gap (difference between levels of nutrients for optimum health and what we obtain from the diet) is bridged. Our formulations for fertility and pregnancy are designed to bridge this nutrition gap and ensure that the most appropriate, absorbable and bioeffective forms of nutrients are utilised, hence optimising the health of mother and baby.  

Our PregnaPlan multivitamin and mineral is our most appropriate preconception or fertility supplement for women, it provides optimum levels of all nutrients including vitamin D3, folic acid as methyl folate (the most bioeffective) form and B12, with appropriate levels of iodine, iron and calcium. PregnaPlan is a Wholefood formulation and therefore nutrients are recognised by the body as they would be in food, allowing for optimised absorption and function within the body as well as being gentle, safe, and effective. This provides confidence that nutritional status is supported as much as possible.  

Cytoplan’s Male Fertility Support is a high-quality male fertility multi vitamin and mineral with additional antioxidant and phytonutrient support in safe, gentle and bioeffective forms. It provides optimal levels of nutrients known to support sperm health, production, and function in particular. With good levels of preconception vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as l carnitine, selenium, zinc, CoQ10 and lycopene, all know to be supportive for male reproductive health.  

In addition to fertility multivitamin and minerals we provide other pre-pregnancy supplements that are fundamental to ongoing wellbeing during preconception and pregnancy. These include omega 3 fatty acids which support the integrity of both the sperm and the ovum. Probiotics which have been shown to be essential for hormone regulation as well as immune and digestive health of both mother and baby and can also support male health and fertility. Cytoplan provides other individual fertility nutrients such as methyl folate, vitamin D, vitamin C,  magnesium and l-arginine which may be required at higher levels in specific individuals. 

What are the best prenatal vitamins and minerals for women?

Firstly, it is important to use suitable preconception multi vitamin and mineral, to ensure optimal intake of all nutrients. It is ideal to look for a food based multi as they come complete with associated food factor which occur in wholefood. This ensure the products are recognised by the body and optimally utilised. Cytoplan's PregnaPlan is an excellent choice providing optimum levels of wholefood nutrients in a bioeffective form. 

Additional vitamins may be used if needed, for example:

Vitamin D - Important for healthy bone function of the developing foetus, modulates immunity (autoimmunity has been linked to poor fertility and miscarriage) and is also involved in cell proliferation and differentiation, therefore support growth and development. Particularly important if vitamin D levels are suboptimal.

Vitamin C - benefits effects on reproductive health including a positive effect on growth and repair of the ovarian follicle and the development of the corpus luteum (essential for maintaining pregnancy).  Vitamin C is also associated with a reduced risk of pre-eclampsia and can safely be taken in pregnancy. 

Folate (as methyl folate) - this is the most bioeffective form of folate, which is essential for normal development of the nervous system as the prevention of spina bifida (ideally women should supplement 400ug for at least 3 months prior to conception).

It is also worth noting that many factors can contribute to fertility problems, and these should be investigated if necessary and then further individualised support should be sought.

What is a good fertility supplement for men?

It is best to ensure men are obtaining optimal levels of all nutrients to bridge the nutrition gap. A good quality food based multi vitamin and mineral is a great place to start. Nutrients that support male fertility and sperm health and production in particular include zinc, selenium, CoQ10, N-acetyl cysteine, l-arginine and l-carnitine. It is also a good idea to add in an omega 3 fatty acid which has multiple roles within the body and supports the health and integrity of sperm. I would recommend Cytoplan Male Fertility Support with an Omega 3 such as Cytoplan Omega 3 Vegan.

When to start taking prenatal vitamins and minerals?

It is best take begin taking prenatal nutrients as soon as possible, once you have decided to conceive. It is advisable to begin this at least 3 months before trying to conceive to give the body enough time to build up nutrient status and to ensure wellness is optimised before conceiving. The intake of folic acid (best supplemented at methyl folate) for example is even more important before conception than during pregnancy.
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