Cytoplan’s range extends to additional practice tools including enema kits and skin brushes etc., which you may find useful.

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  3. Pill Box
  4. Gluten Free Secrets: Book
  5. Guide to The Nutrition Gap
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Cytoplan's sundries provide additional support for those in practice or those who wish to further support their own wellbeing. These can be used in addition to our excellent range of high-quality food-based supplements.  

Sundries include: 

  • Eco Water Bottle - a reusable, eco-friendly water bottle holding up to 650ml. Made from sugar cane biomass waste and accompanied by a natural cork lid, carbon negative in production. 
  • Enema Kit - 2 litre capacity, gravity fed 
  • Pill Box - convenient storage for supplements, especially when travelling
  • Skin Brush - made from pure bristles. Skin brushing may be used as part of any cleansing programme
  • Well referenced literature - The Nutrition Gap, Gluten Free Secrets and The Guide to Choosing the Right Supplement  
  • Vitamin D test - an at-home vitamin D test kit to measure your current levels of vitamin D2 and D3

Is the vitamin D test easy to perform?

Yes, it is a simple finger prick test and the results are returned within a week.

How can I choose the right vitamin D after a vitamin D test?

You will receive an online report and personalised advice from our nutritional therapists.

How do I use a skin brush?

Use once or twice daily, on dry skin prior to your shower or bath. Always brush towards the heart. This can be done on a regular basis and as part of any cleansing programme.
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