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Our liver, bowel, skin and circulation are key to detoxifying the body and a healthy diet high in fibre with liver supportive nutrients will encourage the natural detoxification of toxins from the body.

Some of the products from our liver range include Organic Milk Thistle, a herbal product in powder form and our CytoProtect Liver product.

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The liver is a highly metabolic organ with a range of functions that are required to support digestive health, hormone regulation as well as the detoxification and excretion of waste products. If the liver is under stress, it can contribute to multiple symptoms associated with excess toxicity, hormone dysregulation and digestive dysfunction. Hence, poor liver health is a major contributor to chronic disease and is associated with a decline in wellbeing.  

The liver is responsible for the metabolism, detoxification, and excretion of waste hormones, if the liver is unable to function normally this can continue to hormonal imbalances such as oestrogen dominance. It is also an essential regulator of blood glucose, cholesterol and clotting factors and liver health has a significant influence on cardiovascular function. The liver is intrinsically linked to the digestive system; waste products are excreted from the liver to the digestive system via  bile and absorption of products from the digestive system are transported to the liver for filtration. This filtration process protects multiple bodily systems, such as the immune system by modifying the content of infectious agents in the blood stream.  

Supplements to support liver health are an important adjunct to support optimal wellness and help to ameliorate dysfunctions underpinning chronic diseases.  

At Cytoplan we are committed to ensuring the highest quality formulations, providing nutrients in their most bioeffective, natural, food-based forms. We therefore have developed our all-encompassing CytoProtect® Liver Health formulation. This is an evidence-based botanical formulation supporting the healthy function and integrity of the liver.  The herbal ingredients also afford protection to liver cells against damaging agents, particularly oxidative stress. 

Cytoplan provides an excellent range of additional products which can support the health and function of the liver. Important vitamins for liver function include B vitamins (support phase 2 liver pathways such as methylation), vitamin C (protects against oxidative damage), vitamin D (deficiency associated with liver disease), to name a few.  

We also offer nutrients which are involved in normal hormone, cholesterol and blood glucose regulation which indirectly support liver function. Phytonutrients such as beta carotene, broccoli and green tea have been shown to support detoxification pathways in the liver and help to protect against oxidative stress and therefore are a consideration when looking for supplements to support liver health.

What are the best vitamins for liver health?

Vitamins that support the health of the liver include:

Vitamin C - has been shown to limit fat accumulation in and around  the liver and have antioxidant properties. The high metabolic activity of the liver means that it is at an increased risk of oxidative damage, and vitamin C can help to protect against oxidative damage form free radicals, toxic chemicals, and pollutants. 

Vitamin D - deficiency is associated with metabolic liver disease and autoimmunity. 

B vitamins - methyl donating B vitamins (methyl cobalamin, methyl folate) as well as B6 support methylation pathways. Phase 2 liver detoxification enzymes utilise methyl donor nutrients to conjugate and excrete waste products. 

Many vitamins are important for the health of the liver, but it is important to consider that optimal levels of all nutrients are ideal as many other nutrients, including minerals, play a role in liver health both directly and indirectly. For maximum benefits to liver health and function we need to ensure optimum nutrition and that the nutrition gap is bridged with a multi vitamin and mineral in combination with specific liver supportive supplements.

What are the best liver supplements?

I would recommend Cytoprotect® Liver Health which is an all-encompassing botanical complex, supported by research to support and protect liver function. 

CytoProtect® Liver Health features a botanical formula comprising milk thistle, dandelion, turmeric, schisandra, burdock and artichoke. Legislation prohibits us from talking in detail about herbs and their applications, however the plant-based ingredients in CytoProtect® Liver have a long history of safe traditional use.

What affects liver health?

During our busy westernised lifestyles, we are exposed to a myriad of environmental toxins, such as; pesticides and fertilisers, chemicals from plastics, pollutants, smoking, alcohol recreational and prescription drugs, heavy metals, chemicals such as parabens and SLS found in personal hygiene products, and this list is not exhaustive. Toxins can build up in our body and can be stored for years in our adipose tissue, and they have to be processed by our liver, which is responsible for detoxifying our waste products including hormones particularly oestrogen as well as cholesterol. If the liver is under strain from detoxifying external toxins this can have a detrimental effect on our physiology. Therefore, liver supporting supplements are an important consideration for supporting wellness particularly in today's modern society.

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