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If you are a health practitioner you can sign up for a Cytoplan practitioner account and get access to a wealth of benefits including:

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  • Earn commission on orders placed by clients
  • Ability to share a basket with your clients
  • Dynamic commission reports

Plus our practitioner hub is continually updated with FREE educational resources from webinars and technical booklets to interactive product sessions and protocols!

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About us

Cytoplan is a unique science-based supplement company exclusively supplying the needs of health care professionals and their patients. Cytoplan was founded in 1990, by practitioners with many years experience in nutrition science. 

Our emphasis is on quality, innovation and efficacy of product and Cytoplan has been a leader in the field of food-based supplementation for many years. We work closely with Doctors and scientists to produce products, which are highly bio-effective, truly innovative and backed by research and studies. We have a reputation for quality, integrity, innovation and excellent service. 

We consider that the supplements most appropriate and safe for human ingestion are those in which the nutrients are presented in the same form as those in food - as the nutrients are in our Food State and Wholefood supplements. These are bio-active nutrient complexes containing all the associated food factors in which they occur in nature. If a substance is appropriate to metabolic activity, you do not need high levels - and that is fundamental to our nutritional philosophy. Click here to read more about our Food State and Wholefood supplements

We are owned by a charitable organisation and we make regular donations of supplements to charities and those in need. We aim to make a significant contribution to the health of our customers and this is more important to us than profit. 

All our products are conceived by common sense, grounded in science and proven with results. Cytoplan products are for those who are serious about health, trust that nature holds the key to real health and want a company they can believe in. 

We currently have in excess of 6000 health practitioners who order from Cytoplan. 

What's in our name?

'Cyto' is Greek for 'Cell', the basic structural and functional unit of any living thing, the "building blocks of life". So Cytoplan is interpreted as a plan for Cells, or Cell Plan. We seek to achieve this through scientific and natural nutritional support, represented through our supplements and educational programme. 

'Cyto' also originates from the Greek word meaning hollow vessel or container, hence the relationship with Cell. This is depicted in our logo by the flask. The flask also represents science, and the science based approach of our company - our product innovation is driven by the latest science based evidence.

The logo is completed by the laurel of leaves which represent Nature. As we combine the latest nutritional science and research by formulating products as close to natural as possible; hence our innovation in food based vitamins and minerals since our inception. This ethos is encapsulated in our 'byline' - Nature Meets Science. 

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