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Cyto-Night is a formula designed for those experiencing sleep disturbances. It contains the key ingredients glycine, Montmorency cherry, magnesium and hops.
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Cyto-Night is a formula designed for those experiencing sleep disturbances. It contains the key ingredients glycine, Montmorency cherry, magnesium and hops

  • Cyto-Night contains Montmorency cherry which is a natural source of melatonin (the sleep hormone)
  • Glycine is an amino acid that has been recognised in trials to support sleep quality if taken shortly before bed
  • Magnesium is a co-factor in the pathway for melatonin synthesis. It also contributes to the normal function of the nervous system
  • Hops are also included in this supplement as they have been traditionally used to aid relaxation

Cyto-NightCyto-Night (one level 3 ml teaspoon) provides on average:

Active Nutrient Strength %NRV*
Glycine 1500mg
Montmorency Cherry Powder (with naturally occurring melatonin) 600mg (0.5mg)
Magnesium Citrate 33.2mg (9% NRV)
Hops P.E 4:1 225mg

+NRV = Nutritional Reference Value
* Indicates no NRV


Glycine, Montmorency cherry powder, hops P.E., magnesium citrate

Suggested Intake:

one level 3 ml teaspoonful with a small glass of water or juice, ideally taken 2 hours after food and 1 hour before retiring. Do not take with food as that will lessen the effect. Take as a food supplement or as directed by a practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended intake. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Suitable for:

Vegetarians, vegans and people with Candida and yeast sensitivities


Ask your Doctor before taking this supplement if you are on any other medication to aid sleep.Alcohol and sugary foods will reduce the effectiveness of this product.

Non-Active Ingredients:

Non GM & Free From:

GMO, gluten, wheat, yeast, starch,dairy products, added sugars, colours, flavours and preservatives


Keep in a cool, dry place.

Keep all supplements out of sight and reach of young children. Do not exceed stated recommended intake. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Adverse reactions to supplements are rare, but If you experience an adverse reaction stop taking the product and contact your practitioner or one of our nutritional therapists. Sometimes a supplement will suit one person but not another.

  • 02-Jun-2019

    Found the powder more palatable taken in warm water.
  • 29-May-2019

    Works pretty well, I liked it.
  • 30-Mar-2019

    This works well for some people but not for all which is fair, we are all different
  • 28-Mar-2019

    Helpful to have a supplement to support restful sleep
  • 17-Mar-2019

    All my family have use this, it’s works really well
  • 22-Feb-2019

    Great product, really helps me to sleep and rest
  • 12-Dec-2018

    This product works by helping you get to sleep. As someone with chronic insomnia it's a life saver, I drift off about 30 mins after taking some and get to sleep. Amazing and with no side effects afterwards.
  • 09-Dec-2018

    works fine with me, takes some weeks to work
  • 09-Dec-2018

    I have been using it for a while but still not sleeping well.
  • 17-Nov-2018

    This product made my sleep much worse. There was a marked difference in deep sleep which went down to 5% at most

    Our Response:

    HI - thanks for your feedback and I'm sorry this product appeared not to work for you.

    I will contact you separably to see how we can help.
    best wishes
  • 07-Nov-2018

    The downside is having to take this in a large glass of water at night. Only taken it twice - no noticeable affect on sleep problems.
  • 20-Oct-2018

    I have tried other aids to sleep and find this one very good
  • 15-Oct-2018

    Am still not sleeping well, but maybe it takes time to work. Am going to order more, because other people swear by it.
  • 29-Jul-2018

    Does what it claims to do
  • 21-Jul-2018

    Did not work as well as expected but this may have been due to my health situation.

    Our Response:

    Hi - thank you for your feedback - as you mentioned the Cyto night wasn't as effective as anticipated, we were able to offer a refund for the unwanted items.

    Kind regards-
  • 11-Jul-2018

    Good product, seems to work and help sleep!
  • 27-Apr-2018

    This is the only supplement that works for my son. He used to have huge problem falling asleep. And we tried different options. We also asked GP for help but didn't receive much of advice. And then I found this. It works for our 11 year old perfectly when taken according to instructions and he has been...
    Read More
  • 23-Mar-2018

    New product to our family. Feel it helps sleep pattern when extra busy
  • 21-Mar-2018

    Excellent service. I wouldn’t be without their products.
  • 16-Mar-2018

    This product works. You get a good night's sleep without the groggy feeling in the morning. I would definitely recommend this. It is easy to drink with no unpleasant taste.
  • 01-Feb-2018

    Great product. I wouldn’t be without it.
  • 23-Nov-2017

    n'a pas été efficace jusqu'ici; mais je suis une insomniaque invétérée,
  • 15-Nov-2017

    Brilliant, works so well and I am able to fall asleep quickly. If it would give me more than 6 hours sleep that would be a real bonus.
  • 19-Oct-2017

    It also helps me sleep and very grateful I am too
  • 06-Sep-2017

    Really improves sleep quality
  • 01-Jun-2017

    Did t like it at all, it didn't work and made me feel sick. Customer service refunded my money with no problem at all

    Our Response:

    HI - thanks for your comments. Sorry to hear this didn't suit but as you experienced, if a product is unsuitable, we are happy to refund or exchange - just let our customer service team know within 28 days of ordering.

    Best wishes-
  • 21-May-2017

    Helps tremendously with sleep and does not seems to have any side effects.
  • 27-Apr-2017

    Really Helps me to sleep easily

    Our Response:

    Hi - thank you for your comments - this is a very popular product that customer tell us is very effective.

    Best wishes-
  • 29-Mar-2017

    Good, but can feel like you have a slight hangover the next day

    Our Response:

    Hi - thank you for this feedback. We wouldn't expect you to feel hungover the following day - you may like to speak with one of our nutritional therapists who could advise on whether the dose you are taking is correct, or whether there is a more suitable  product for your needs. Please feel free to...
    Read More
  • 12-Mar-2017

    this product may work for other people but certainly not for me. I hadn't appreciated that you have to take it with a glass of water an hour before bed time and as I have to get up at least once or twice a night anyway this is not a good time to be drinking extra water! However I still tried it but...
    Read More

    Our Response:

    Hello-  thank you for providing this feedback and disappointed you didn't feel this product worked for you.  

    Cyto-Night contains a mix of ingredients which are naturally soothing to aid with sleep, including Glycine, Magnesium, Montmorency Cherry (a natural source of Melatonin) and Hops). We...
    Read More
  • 06-Jan-2017

    The Cyto-Night does not keep me asleep all the way thru the entire night. But it's definitely a big help as at least it gets me a couple of hours of sleep.
  • 04-Dec-2016

    The Cytoplan actually gets me to fall asleep. However, after a couple of hours I wake up. I guess it's still better than not falling asleep at all and lying awake all night.
  • 02-Nov-2016

    Cyto-Night is much improved recently, the grains in the powder now completely dissolve in the water, making it more pleasant to swallow.
  • 19-Oct-2016

    I get a good night when I have used it.
  • 07-Sep-2016

    Really helps me to sleep
  • 07-Sep-2016

    Nice bonus
  • 09-Jun-2016

    Didn't work
    Update 23 June 2016
    Since raising this issue with Feefo I have become aware that Cyto –night is aimed at helping people who find it difficult to sleep rather that those like myself who suffer from disturbed sleep. I would like to say that since I made my comment Cytoplan are doing...
    Read More

    Our Response:

    I am so sorry Cyto-night did not work for you. Sleep and insomnia are complex issues involving many intrinsic and extrinsic factors including hormones through to sleep habits and surroundings. This product helps if the problem is shortage of melatonin production and it also helps one relax and prepare...
    Read More
  • 23-May-2016

    I wasn't sure looking at the ingredients whether this product would do anything at all but I swear by it now. After years of having trouble drifting off to sleep this stuff is a complete game changer for me, I've already recommended it to my friends and family.

    Our Response:

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I am delighted Cyto-night has proved so helpful to you. Good sleep is so important to health.

    We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know the good news.

    best wishes

  • 08-Apr-2016

    Whilst I am sure it works for most it had adverse effect on me sadly
  • 20-Mar-2016

    Works amazingly- we've been recommending it to everyone. Makes you snooze off in the most natural feeling way and never makes you feel groggy in the morning
  • 20-Feb-2016

    I am so very grateful for Cyto-Night. It helps me to fall a sleep. It works. Cyto-Night is extraordinary and very much appreciated by me. It is the best aid for sleep I have ever tried.
  • 19-Feb-2016

    I first tried this a few months ago and I was disappointed. However, I had some of the product left and I tried it again and I was pleasantly surprised because it worked very well...(I would imagine it is because I followed the instructions better this time round(
  • 10-Dec-2015

    It helps me to get into deeper sleep during the weekends, when I have more time to rest. The taste is also nice, I take it with warm water one hour after dinner.
  • 12-Sep-2015

  • 08-Sep-2015

    No impAct on sleep

    Our Response:

    Cyto-Night helps when "getting to sleep" is the problem. The influence of the active ingredients is to help prepare the body for sleep and switch on the intrinsic components that enable sleep. But if the problem of non sleep has been longstanding one usually needs to be mindful of other things that...
    Read More
  • 16-Aug-2015

    Excellent product - sorted out my sleep issues for the past couple months. Perhaps not useful for everyone as it depends on your reasons for not sleeping but this product has been the best one I've found so far.
  • 01-Aug-2015

    Works as well as the melatonin i used to use. I will re-order
  • 30-Jul-2015

    Not very impressed. Doesn't seem to have made any difference

    Our Response:

    Thank you for your feedback. Cyto-night most particularly helps with people who have difficulty in "getting to sleep". We have had very positive feedback on this aspect of its action.

    If this is your problem it should help you, but sleep is a habit and if the habit is long established you might...
    Read More
  • 24-Jul-2015

    Does NOT work in my body.

    Our Response:

    Oh I am sorry. Of course we will refund your money if you contact customer services.

    Cyto-night works if the sleep issue is difficulty in getting to sleep, as this is the helpful effect of natural melatonin. If your problem is waking early if it might not help but do contact me I can probably...
    Read More
  • 29-Jun-2015

    Amazing product! As someone who sometimes suffers with adrenal fatigue, this has helped my sleep immensely and I wake up feeling really refreshed. I have tried many herbal sleep aids over the years but this is by far the best one I've used. Probably best suited to people who don't produce enough...
    Read More
  • 20-Jun-2015

    great feed back from clients - helpful for both dropping off to sleep and reducing waking periods in the night
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