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Iron is used in the body for growth, tissue repair, oxygen transport and other vital activities

Loss in excess of iron stores during any bleeding – including menstruation – can lead to iron deficiency or anaemia. Therefore, women will usually require more iron than men.

Wholefood Iron

Wholefood Iron is made from hydroponically-grown Brassica, a cruciferous vegetable similar to broccoli.

Wholefood Iron is made from hydroponically-grown Brassica

Each capsule provides 5mg of iron. This is a very well tolerated and gentle form of iron that is also optimally bio-effective.


From the age of 35 onwards, women start to lose bone density and are more prone to developing conditions such as osteoporosis.

This is especially the case after the menopause, when requirements for calcium and other bone-building nutrients typically increase. Extra calcium may also be needed during pregnancy and lactation.

Wholefood Calcium
Wholefood Calcium is made from Organic seaweed

Our Wholefood Calcium is made from Organic seaweed harvested off Ireland’s southwest coast and carries Organic Trust certification with no additives.

Each capsule yields 200mg of elemental calcium plus 14mg of magnesium. The calcium in this product is soluble and extremely well utilised by the body.,

Folic acid

Folate/Folic acid is essential for both men and women.

As a growth promotor folate (folic acid) is particularly important for women when they become pregnant. It is advisable to take during preconception as folate helps protect against birth defects that can arise in the early stages of pregnancy – even before many women realise they are pregnant.

Methylfolate Supplement Folic Acid

Provides folic acid as methylfolate (5-MTHF) which is stable and optimally bioeffective form of folate. Many supplements contain folic acid, however, folic acid has to undergo a number of steps within the body in order to be converted to the active form methylfolate and this process is not always efficient. Hence methylfolate is the preferred choice form of folate for everyone.

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Five star review

D-Mannose Plus

Love it. Haven't had another UTI since i've been taking this supplement.
Effective and tasteless.

Five star review

Wholefood Iron

As always these are a good item and easy to use without any side effects.

Five star review

Pregna Plan

Having it thoughout all my pregnacy, never needed anything extra. Great!

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Wholly owned by a charitable foundation

Celebrating 30 years

Celebrating 30 years

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