I suffer with hay fever, what can I do to improve my symptoms?

Q: I suffer from hay fever, what can I do to improve my symptoms?


Hay fever is a common allergy which affects up to one in five people at some point in their life. Unfortunately, at present, there is no cure. However, as you have rightly asked, there are things we can do to improve our symptoms and reduce our susceptibility. Of course, the most obvious is to avoid exposure to pollen by spending time indoors, however we also have a few more practical tips to help relieve hay fever symptoms: 

  • Diet – a low-histamine, anti-inflammatory diet can often reduce the severity of allergy symptoms

  • Washing - avoid drying washing on a clothes-line outside when pollen counts are high

  • Antihistamines – although they don’t cure allergies, antihistamines can help to alleviate symptoms

  • Barrier balm – dotting a barrier balm around the nostrils can trap pollen before it gets into the nasal passage

  • Nutrition support – there are certain nutrients that can help reduce susceptibility to allergies and ease the symptoms; these include quercetin, vitamin C, selenium, spirulina and garlic. These nutrients act as natural antihistamines and help to reduce the hyperactivity of the immune system

  • Avoid high histamine foods – stay clear of foods high in histamine such as  tomatoes, spinach, fermented dairy products and cured or fermented meats

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