Wholefood and Food State supplements

Our Wholefood and Food State supplements replicate natureOur Wholefood and Food State supplements replicate nature

Wholefood supplements

Cytoplan’s Wholefood nutritional supplements are derived from several natural plant sources and are well utilised because, as food nutrients, they are recognised by your body as beneficial and nourishing. They are therefore more optimally absorbed than isolates. 

We take unadulterated food, as it occurs in nature, to make our wholefood supplements. We use foods that are naturally rich in nourishing nutrients to create vitamins and minerals in the same form as conventional food, just in much higher levels. Once selected, they are gently dried at room temperature before going into our capsules. 

Some examples include kelp for a rich source of iodine, vitamin C from acerola cherries, vitamin D from Lichen and multivitamins and minerals combined with biodynamically grown superfoods.

4 key benefits of wholefood supplements

  • Delivered to your body in the same form as food. The foods used are all naturally grown in a clean outdoor environment
  • Easily recognised and used by your body
  • Safe and gentle even in people who are really ill – because they are effectively wholefood
  • Complete with all the associated nutrients such as bioflavonoids and phytonutrients that you would get from food, just in higher levels and which collectively make the synergy of the whole food complex greater than the sum of its parts.. 

Wholefood  structure

Ascorbic Acid

(common form of vitamin C found in supplements) 


Food State supplements

Food State nutrients are combined with a variety of natural food bases that naturally carry significant levels of the required nutrient.

This ensures the Food State supplements produced come complete with phytonutrients that are necessary for optimal absorption, utilisation and retention in the body.

Examples of the appropriate food bases we use include citrus pulp for vitamin C, carrot concentrate for beta carotene and sunflower oil for vitamin E.

Creating our Food State supplements

Creating the base

We begin with a natural food base

Enhanced by nature

Additional nutrients and all-around goodness are added during the renaturing process

Combining science and nature

The unique renaturing process ensures optimum
production of the nutrients

The final step

Now the natural food base has the right level of nutrients,
it is turned into tablets

No fillers or binders!


Why should I buy Wholefood and Food State supplements instead of alternatives?

Your body is extremely clever – and complex! Wholefood & Food State supplements are recognised by the body as being in the same form as food meaning they are far more likely to be absorbed and put into metabolic use than, for example, synthetic nutrients which do not contain the phytonutrient complex that helps the body identify them as beneficial for health.

Would you recommend Wholefood supplements over Food State supplements?

Both Wholefood & Food State supplements play a pivotal role in our health, neither is more superior than the other they are just different in how they are produced. Both are similarly well absorbed and utilised by the body as both contain the phytonutrient matrix that identifies them as ‘food’ to the body and hence beneficial for health.

Do you offer organic Wholefood or Food State supplements?

We do offer a range of organic supplements, some of which are wholefood. This range will continue to grow and evolve as more organic food products are available for use in supplements.


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